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About me

A little bit about me

As a canine professional I have designed a range that works for you and your dog not just for profit. I do donate a percentage to dog charities. Such as Pets As Therapy, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Newfoundland's in Need, Eastern German Shepherd Rescue, I endeavour to help those I can, when I can.

I have been a behaviourist for many years and find that a lot of the leads, collars etc., on the market today look pretty (like the items from the far East) can be very uncomfortable to use, hurting the hands and fairly weak. They've been designed to look good and cheap to manufacture. Thinking of the dog equipment purchased can cause considerable harm, items that you put on the nose to stop pulling there are a lot out there but those that pull from underneath the neck, in my professional opinion, can cause damage to the eye as they are inclined to pull up directly onto the eye and jerking the head to oneside can damage the spine at the back of the head. 

I have worked hard to design a range of dog wear that is good for the dog and handler with comfort for both in mind ahead of profit.

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