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RexEzeWalker with Metal Clip and felt sleeve

Eze Walker Fast Fit
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RexEzeRange Deluxe Pet Dog Head Collar NEW Fast Fit Eze Walker figure of 8 felt nose sleeve. Designed and made by me a Consultant Canine Behaviourist of many years experience. Stop your dog pulling easily.

Nose pad to support customer requests although the material is super soft some owners asked for extra padding so here it is a very soft felt sleeve over the nose (colour matching the nose band) where possible.

This is something not offered by Gencon and Halti collars. These head collars are very easily and quickly fitted now with a clip that goes to the back of the neck even easier, and soft on the nose it doesn't take long for your dog to get used to the feel of it.

This device is cheaper and I believe much more efficient than others on the market especially as this pulls from behind the neck and not under the neck which has been said can damage the spinal column.

This will fit the majority of dog sizes. however for a larger version message me the breed and I'll make it bigger at no extra cost.




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